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Improve retailer engagement with central programmes – via the Brand website and through local search/PPC (run centrally on an opt-in basis)

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case study:

using information to  build trust

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Call tracking implemented for both the brand website sub-domains (dealer pages) and local search activity

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Call data collected was shared with retailers within 24h of the activity taking place (much quicker than before) – via the astutetrackr platform, where dealers could log in themselves

Results improved dealer engagement by showing what head office were doing for them:

Through the brand website (at no cost to the retailer) – showing the volume of calls driven directly to them

Through local search – showing the retailers what they were getting for their money with how many calls were being received through this channel alone

Network overview or dealer-specific view can be selected
Call data can be analysed by source
Data filters can reveal search performance by date, adgroup and keyword
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astutetrackr is the perfect tool to be able to share up-to-date results across the network. Data can be sliced according to the user – meaning reports shown are always relevant and useful. Demonstrating a ‘transparent approach’ can be really useful in improving engagement and overall performance in local marketing programmes.

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