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call tracking and tools

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  • inbound call tracking
    Find out which marketing source drives each customer enquiry by using trackable numbers and reviewing the findings on astutetrackr.
  • outbound call tracking
    Keep an eye on your outbound calls by providing execs with an access number and pin to enter before the customer number. Call metrics can then be seen on astutetrackr.
  • call routing / geo-route
    Direct your customers’ calls to the best destination. By placing a trackable number on your communications, we’ll be able to identify your customers’ location when they call, and route their call accordingly. We then show you this information on astutetrackr.
  • call purpose
    Find out why your customers are calling by playing a bespoke menu when they call in on a trackable number (Press 1 for sales, 2 for service etc). Then view responses on astutetrackr.
  • call whisper
    If you have numbers set up for different campaigns, routed to the same destination, play a ‘whisper’ to the call handler before it’s connected, telling them which campaign the call relates to and helping them handle the call better.
  • dynamic number insertion / replacement (DNI / DNR)
    See which sites are generating most phone enquiries by dynamically changing telephone numbers displayed online. This is done using web code, based on which site the customer has clicked through from. View the results on astutetrackr.
  • inbound call recording
    Record incoming calls to find out more about your customers. Recording can be activated when using trackable numbers for your communications. Calls can then be listened to on astutetrackr.
  • outbound call recording
    Monitor your sales execs’ performance by recording their calls. They simply enter our access number and a pin before dialling the customer number. Recorded calls can then be listened to on astutetrackr.
  • call critiquing / auditing
    Bespoke questionnaires can be appended to any recorded calls. These are completed by a call auditor who listens to the call, then results are translated into reports on astutetrackr.

or click through our simple infographic diagrams below to understand more about each of the services we offer

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