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Accurately measure ‘Active Contact’ – a key brand KPI

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case study:

closing the data gap 

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Used trackable phone numbers to monitor calls received from brand website and local search marketing


Used data collection in conjunction with digital statistics to provide overall picture of contact

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Local search evaluated at a meaningful conversion level (by centre)

ROI provided for activity where media spend was identified and telephone was main response channel (PPC)

Current and historical call tracking data can still be reviewed. Data is accessible from 2007
(project commencement):

Over 1.8m effective calls tracked to date

Over 13,000 effective calls per month

how many calls received from the website/GMB/PPC etc
customise your data range
here, the brand website is generating most calls
dig deeper around call duration, as well as effective and ineffective calls
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By call tracking, we can show how you many calls each marketing source generates – helping you maximise your marketing budget. Spend more on what works and less on what doesn’t

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