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Increase the volume and improve the conversion of online service bookings

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case study:

understanding the bigger picture to improve sales

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Added trackable numbers to the dealer locator area of the online service booking tool, to enable measurement of all responses (only 10% of visitors to the tool completed the form online – implying a greater number contacted via phone)

Made trackable numbers dynamic, so that the marketing channel from which the enquiry was generated could also be identified


Tracked calls were recorded and through listening to a large sample of the call recordings, it was discovered that 63% of all calls from the dealer locator area were for service bookings

This meant tracked enquiries from the service booking tool was increased by 56% (from digital only, to calls + digital)

Identifying the lead traffic drivers meant marketing budget could be maximised

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Even when the process seems to be predominantly digital, call tracking is still crucial to monitoring the effectiveness of digital tools and to improving the customer journey.

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